Expat Tax Basics

Ever read the inside of your US passport?

  • Expats must file federal tax return
  • State tax return requirements vary
  • Expats get extension to June 15th
  • Tax due accrues interest as of April 15th

Late Filing Your Taxes & FBAR?

Your Chance to Come Clean is Now! The IRS is offering reduced penalties for those who voluntarily come clean

  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure open now!
  • Expats are unlikely to owe penalties unless they owe money
  • Don't delay! Can close anytime

Tax-Free Foreign Income

Want to know the secret to making 6 figures and not paying any US taxes on it? It's easy and legal!

    • You need to qualify as an expat
    • You can earn $91,900 US tax-free
    • Other deductions can be over 6 figures

Thinking about moving overseas?

Learn about expat taxes, foreign bank reporting obligations. Keep out of trouble with the IRS!

  • FBAR and Foreign Asset Reporting
  • Deadlines and Extensions
  • Organization is the Key to Success

Save Money On Your US Expat Taxes

Expatriate taxes are more complex than a normal US tax return. Mistakes can be costly and experience counts.

  • We only hire US CPAs and EAs
  • Your personal information is not shipped to the 3rd World for processing
  • Work directly with your accountant